Local Chicken Diversity

Local Chicken Diversity

The existence of local chickens have not seemed to be replaced by another. Both in terms of consumption as well as ornamental birds (due to the beautiful voice and feathers), local chicken has its own fans. Berkepulauan Indonesia as a country that turns its diverse store of wealth. One such property is the genetic diversity of local chickens are scattered in every region in Indonesia.

Based on research conducted by researchers from the Livestock Research Center, Ciawi, said that Indonesia has 15 species of local chickens germplasm whose existence is actually native to Indonesia. The 15 types of chicken include chicken is Cemani, Cotton chicken, chicken Pelung, Arabian Golden chicken, chicken Merawang, Silver Arabic chicken, chicken Kedu, chicken Kedu White, Kate chicken, cock crow, cock Sentul, Wareng chicken, chicken Tolaki, Kalosi chicken, chicken Nunukan. However, beyond that there are many types of local chickens owned by the beloved country. Will the diversity of local chickens would die for granted or even acknowledged as belonging to another country?

The existence of local chickens during this merely for the consumption of hobbyists who love the beauty of feathers or even the beauty of sound which is owned by the local chickens. Like the chicken Ketawa from East Kalimantan and chicken Pelung originating from West Java, is cultivated for its beautiful sound. However, today many of them superbly developed its cultivation to consumption of meat and eggs from local chickens.

Local chicken has good nutritional value. It also has a more distinctive flavor and delicious than the kind of broilers and layers. The fibers are tough and chewy characterize utamaya. In fact, each identical widths chicken with a variety of cuisines. Local chickens have privileges than others, among them: local Chickens are more resistant to diseases and easy to adjust to the weather in Indonesia. Also obtained was easy to feed, can be maintained even perfunctory. The main purpose of maintaining free-range chicken is to take eggs, meat, and to breed.

Given the consumer preferences of local chickens are very specific and genetic potential are not able to match the productivity of broilers, the goal of developing a local poultry is not to replace 100% of production coming from the chicken. So it can not replace the local chicken broilers but complementary to provide for animal protein. In other words, supply and demand can be balanced in order to maintain price stability which ultimately can provide adequate benefits for communities engaged in local chicken agribusiness.

Local birds will be more involved in livestock development in the future, particularly in the fulfillment of animal protein. Trend of increasing contribution of poultry meat from 20% (1970) to 65% (2008) and among them 16.3% of the local poultry. This is due to the increasing production of poultry meat is driven by rising national poultry industry. Empirical facts Connecticut agricultural census in 2003 that 100% of RTP that raise poultry, poultry 98.5% of them local. Consumption patterns continue to change towards an organic and healthy food.

Development of local chicken until today there are still many obstacles. Availability of seeds that have not been sufficient from the aspect of quality and quantity, not optimal utilization of local feed resources, lack of venture capital and limited access to financial institutions makes this tug raising effort. Not only that, the ownership rate is still below the economies of scale (<300 breeding / breeders), nor the formation of institutions or groups of farmers are evenly distributed throughout the province and regency / city.

source: www.poultryindonesia.com .


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