Characteristics Of Duck Cihateup

Characteristics Of Duck Cihateup

Ducks in Indonesia are immigrants who have domesticated ducks, and a descendant of the Indians Runner.Ciri typical Indian Runner ducks is nearly upright posture, and when viewed from the front looks like a bottle of wine, beak and legs black. According to Hetzel (1986) existing local ducks, have adapted well to the environment in which they are developed.

Indonesia local ducks are ducks laying type and has characteristics similar to the Indian runner, slimmer body shape like a bottle and walk upright (Gunawan 1988; Setioko et al 1985). Several types of local ducks that kept the public in Java such as Tegal duck, duck Mojosari, ducks Magelang, Cirebon ducks, and ducks Cihateup. While outside Java as there are ducks Alabio Borneo, in Sumatra, there are ducks gotu kola, in Bali there are ducks Bali, and many more duck spread across the archipelago beloved.

Maintenance systems are different in each region of origin, and also alleged to have occurred genetic differentiation, which has the physical characteristics with different production rates also vary, making existing local ducks in this archipelago is very diverse. Every nation has the characteristics of the local ducks mofometrik different, which is shown by the size and shape of the body are different from one another. The formation of phenotypic characteristics is probably caused by natural selection experienced in her native ducks in a long time.

Ducks are kept local farmers have diverse performance, and generally do not have the characteristics of the standard. Ducks can be distinguished from any location, which is useful as a guide in the formation of pure duck nation, as well as synthetic or crosses.

Characteristics Cihateup Ducks (Anas platyrynchos javanica)

As the name implies, this duck came from the village Cihateup, Rajapolah Sub, Regency Tasikmalaya, West Java Province. Ducks Cihateup called mountain duck, because duck is a growing area located at an altitude of 378 m above sea level (asl) which is a plateau, with the cold air. Ducks are also grown in areas around Tasikmalaya, such as in the Garut. To popularize and enhance the benefits Cihateup duck, then please be aware that biological characteristics can be used as guidelines in cultivation.

Ducks have potential as Cihateup female laying ducks, with a production capacity of about 200 grains / year, and 65.1% egg hatchability. Ducks Cihateup male potential as producers of meat because of the ability of the growth of good body weight.

Ducks Cihateup have similarities with the other ducks in Java, such as Karawang duck, duck Cirebon, and Tegal ducks. However, the genetic diversity found among these ducks (Muzani 2005). More close similarity between duck Cihateup properties with some ducks around West Java and Central Java compared with Alabio duck, because the genetic distance between duck denogram Cihateup with local ducks from West Java and Central Java is closer than the ducks Alabio (Hetzel 1985). According Brahmantiyo et al. (2003) Cihateup ducks from West Java has a somewhat distant kinship with the ducks Bali, and Khaki Campbell ducks Alabio.

Muzani (2005) reported that ducks Cihateup has some body measurements such as bust size larger than ducks Cirebon and Kirkcaldy, and it can be used as an indication that the ducks Cihateup has potential as a producer of meat. Ducks Cihateup cut 8 weeks of age male can produce weight cut carcass weight of 1323.87 g with 812.13 g (61.36%). The fleshy parts (thigh and chest) Cihateup ducks can reach 27.14% and 24.97%, duck thigh Cihateup larger than the ducks Alabio (25.22%) (Matitaputty 2011).

Regis (2005) reported that the length of the long bones of the neck and wings are the main penciri to body size in ducks Cihateup males and females, with a positive correlation between the length of the neck, wing bone length and body size. Potential and development of duck Cihateup still wide open for further examination, and highly desirable for Local Government of West Java to be able to develop these water fowl, because it has the potential to excel as a duck laying female ducks and duck pieces for a male duck, duck so Cihateup better known by the people of Indonesia. Therefore information is needed more in-depth and accurate information about ducks Cihateup itself both in terms of seed, feed and management, as well as disease and marketing. In addition to making duck Cihateup as a new strain like Alabio South Kalimantan origin, necessary supporting data such as duck populations Ciahteup itself how many numbers there are, the availability of quality seeds and continuous, how many groups of farmers who membudidaya this duck, and should know the characteristics of ducks such as coat color for males and females, male and female body size, production and reproduction, and maintenance management that characterizes even the ducks Cihateup specifically from the other ducks to perform such genetic polymorphism of blood proteins, DNA, etc.. This information is very useful for the development of duck Cihateup forward in an effort to make duck Cihateup as genetic resources of waterfowl native of West Java that needs to be preserved and developed in a sustainable manner.

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