Herbal plants as alternative feed supplement

Phytogenic feed or affixes Phytobiotik is derived from plant derived products used in animal feed which aims to improve the performance of these animals (Windisch et al.,2008). Active substances derived from medicinal plants are generally found in the form of secondary metabolites. A medicinal plant normally produces more than one type of secondary metabolites (phytoalexins, organic acids, essential oils and antioxidants), so in a medicinal plant it possible to have more than one pharmacological effect.Combination of several types of active ingredients show the effectiveness of work is higher than the use of a single active ingredient (Ulfah, 2006).

Pharmacological effects that have each chemical component can support each other (synergistic) to achieve effective treatment but also can be opposite (contradiction). In the formulation ingredients for a particular purpose shall be made as precise as possible so as not to cause even contra indications should be selected herb species complementary to the desired effect. A formulation ingredients should consist of 1) the primary component as an essential element in treatment goals, 2) supporting elements, 3) elements that help strengthen the effect, and 4) complementary or balancing element in the formulation (Ulfah, 2006).

Some herbs that have been tested proven to improve the quality of farmed livestock. But there are some things to consider in the use of herbs as a feed supplement that is the quality of the herbs used (age, time of harvest, post harvest), extraction is used, the effectiveness of active ingredients and substances contained in antinutrisi these herbal ingredients.

Ulfah, M. , 2006. Potential Drug Plants For Fitobiotik Multi Function To Enhance Appearance and Health in Captive Wildlife. Med. Constitutional. 11: 109-114.

Windisch, W., Schedle, K., C. Plitzner & Kroismayr, A. , 2008. Use of phytogenic products as feed additives for swine and poultry. J. Anim. Sci. 86: E140-E148.


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